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So, you're considering Church Planting in the EFCA Texas - Oklahoma District? We are presently praying for you and your spouse as you work through the process of determining where the Lord would want you to serve.

We hope you will find our time of getting to know each other and our communication, based in integrity, relevant to what you are looking for and needing. We would like to encourage you to ask questions and please do NOT assume anything. Through phone calls and emails we will begin to get to know each other during this process. Our style in the EFCA Texas - Oklahoma District focuses on the relational and cultivates a healthy interdependence between pastors and churches.

Your first phase is the assessment phase. The assessment inventories are tools to help you understand yourself better. Take your time and allow these inventories to speak into your life. You do not need to complete all of these before interacting with us about church planting. This is part of a dialogue. If you have already taken some of these inventories, feel free to submit the results of those inventories.

These steps are followed by the EFCA Texas - Oklahoma Church Multiplication Team:

PHASE I: Church Planter First Steps (to be completed within 30 days)
  • Pray - Pray that God would guide you through this process and give you the strength to see this journey through to the end.
  • To begin, please take the “Church Planter Candidate Assessment” (the Ed Stetzer test). The cost of the assessment is $29.00 and you will need to take all four assessments (Church Planter Assessment, Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Formation, Risk Factor Analysis). Go to the Church Planter Candidate Assessment and click “Purchase Passcode” to begin.
  • Keirsey-Temperament Sorter II – Please purchase the “Career Temperament Sorter II.” The cost of this assessment is $19.95. Go to the Keirsey-Temperament Sorter II and take the assessment.
  • DiSC Inventory - Please purchase the “DiSC Inventory.” The cost of this assessment is $29.00. Go to the DiSC Inventory and take the assessment.
  • EFCA Self Assessment Inventory - Please take the “EFCA Self Assessment Inventory.” This inventory is offered at no cost to you. Go to the EFCA Self Assessment Inventory and take the assessment.
  • Please submit your resume or biographical sheet with your education and work experience.
  • Please submit a philosophy of ministry paper (1 page in length) that gives an overview of your mission, vision, core values, and strategy for the new church.
  • Please submit 2 preaching samples (this can either be via online link, electronic file, or CD/DVD by mail to 7911 Black Buck, San Antonio, TX 78266).
  • Once all of the above items on the checklist are complete, and you have completed all your required tasks, please email the EFCA TX-OK District Superintendent and CC your Regional CMT leader requesting your behavioral interview.

  • Please complete your behavioral interview with the regional Church Multiplication Team (CMT).

PHASE II: Church Planter Next Steps (to be completed within 30 days after PHASE I is complete)

Now that you've completed your "PHASE I: Church Planter First Steps" checklist, you are now ready for PHASE II.  Please make sure to complete all the steps.

  • Church Planter Questionnaire - Please take the “Church Planter Questionnaire.” This inventory is offered at no cost to you. Go to the Church Planter Questionnaire and take the assessment.
  • Please complete the consent form for the background check. Go to the Background Check Consent Form Online to complete the form. Also, familiarize yourself with your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • If you have been previously divorced, you will need a divorce exception approval. To receive this form and for more information please email a request to the district superintendent. If this is not applicable to you, please move on to the next task.
  • Please have your spouse submit a brief Spousal Support Essay. Have your spouse indicate their full support and mutual calling toward this church planting endeavor.
  • Please supply us with five references who can attest to your character and ministry skills.  We need the following information for each character reference: full name, and email address. After you send your email, Reference Inventories will be sent out to these references and there will be instructions for them to send the information directly back to us. You will not see the completed reference inventories form.
  • Please submit a church recommendation letter from your current pastor, elder, or governing body. The letter should recognize your calling to Christian ministry in general and church planting specifically. There is no specific form required other than the letter should be on your current church's letterhead.
  • Please agree to an sign: Church Plant Covenant, Coaching Covenant, and What it Means to be an EFC.
  • District Superintendent and CMT Regional Leader approval of God’s call for you to church planting. If we are all in agreement, then the planter signs the Church Planting Contract.
  • You have a 30 day window from when your contract is signed to join the district health insurance plan. Please email the district superintendent your approval or rejection of the plan.